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phUploader is a very simple file upload script written in PHP. You can specify then number of files, file types, sizes and also randomize file names upon upload. This script is very useful for temporary file storage or simple forum signature and avatar hosting.

Price: Free/GPL Version: 1.3 Last Updated: 01/23/2010 Languages: PHP Downloads: 49,678

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phMailer is a very simple PHP contact form that supports attachments using PHP's built-in mail() function. You can specify the number of attachments allowed (attachments are optional), file types and file sizes. It is very useful for allowing your website visitors to submit information via your website without publicly posting your email address. This can greatly reduce the amount of spam you receive. It is very easy to setup and displays attachments correctly in pretty much any email client or web mail service.

Price: Free/GPL Version: 1.5.1 Last Updated: 01/25/2010 Languages: PHP Downloads: 22,538

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phAlbum is one of the simplest photo album scripts around. All you need to do is drop this one PHP file in a folder and it takes care of the rest. If enabled, the script will automatically generate thumbnails of each photo and display them on the page. You can specify what types of files you want the script to display, specify ignore keywords and will also display and navigate sub directories. You can use the script to upload files and create folders, or just upload and create folders via your FTP client. No database is required. For thumbnail generation and uploading photos via the script, the directory must be writable.

Price: Free/GPL Version: 1.2 Last Updated: 02/15/2015 Languages: PHP Downloads: 49,102

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phShoutBox is a simple, yet full featured shout box. It has BB Code, automatic URL and email phrasing, IP banning, custom word filters, display direction, clickable similes, and most things other shout box's have, minus all the bloat.

Price: Free/GPL Version: 1.5.1 Final Last Updated: 01/21/2010 Languages: PHP/MySQL Downloads: 29,539

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